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Redefine scientific research with CELLIMA’s precision-focused consulting. We partner with you to elevate your projects beyond industry standards, transforming your work into a symbol of scientific excellence.

strategic advising

We partner with you to transform your business by harnessing the strategic power of new technologies and workflow optimization. By listening to your specific challenges, we create customized solutions that catalyze efficiency and spark innovation in your operations. Leveraging our deep expertise, our approach is designed to elevate your scientific endeavors to remarkable results.

Technology Scouting

We place you at the cutting edge of scientific and technological innovation. Through our proactive scouting, we not only identify but also tailor the latest advancements to meet your specific research needs. Collaborate with us to leverage state-of-the-art technologies, ensuring your projects not only succeed but also set new benchmarks in the dynamic world of early-stage research.

Partnering Services

We help you form strategic alliances and turn challenges into opportunities for breakthrough advances. We identify promising synergies to expand your research capabilities and advance your scientific discoveries. Together, we make your vision a reality.

Training & Education

Equip your team for excellence with our training in high-content imaging, cell-based assays, miniaturization, automation, and image analysis. Our training demystifies complex scientific techniques and translates them into practical skills. Ensure your team is proficient in automated high-content imaging and advance your research with our best practices training tailored to your specific needs.


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