Future Prospects of High-Content Imaging

Essential Insights for Drug Discovery Professionals

Our comprehensive market study provides an insightful overview of the High-Content Imaging (HCI) landscape, focusing on the current status and potential developments in early drug discovery. The survey was conducted from November to mid-December 2023 and targeted a global audience of healthcare researchers, biotech experts, large pharmaceutical companies, and academic institutions.

The goal was to gain a comprehensive view of HCI applications and advances in AI support related to HCI. The survey targeted experienced professionals and scientists in the field and gathered interesting information on current application practices, investment plans, and attitudes toward outsourcing.

In addition, the importance of HCI in achieving research goals was explored, and an overview of the integration and importance of HCI in early research projects was provided. The results will illuminate prevailing trends, highlight emerging challenges and growth opportunities, and provide insights to help organizations tailor and refine strategic approaches to deploying HCI in research environments.

With the information gained from the survey, industry professionals will be better equipped to make forward-looking, strategic decisions about meaningful HCI applications and deployments in order to derive maximum benefit from the innovative use of HCI in early drug discovery.


The survey results highlight the participation of a wide range of industry-leading professionals, predominantly senior scientists and senior managers with budget authority, underscoring the depth of expertise and decision-making influence represented.

The survey was mainly answered by professionals from the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries, with a significant contribution from contract research organizations, indicating a strong industrial research focus and less academic participation.


The survey featured respondents with extensive HCI experience, the majority with more than 10 years in the field, indicating a deep level of expertise among the participants.

From the table of contents
  1. What is your professional position?
  2. In which industry do you work?
  3. How long have you been working in the field of HCI?
  4. What is the size of the group handling HCI tasks?
  5. What budget do you plan for new HCI technologies?
  6. What HCI assays do you use and to what extent?
  7. Which analysis is crucial in your HCI workflow?
  8. How do you perceive the importance of HCI for the future of your industry?
  9. In which phases of drug discovery do you employ High-Content Imaging?
  10. How do you rate the current performance of HCI compared to alternative technologies?
  11. What are your preferences regarding the image analysis solution?
  12. In which areas could you imagine outsourcing HCI tasks?
  13. Please rate the current status of the following technology features related to your research or business activities.
  14. Please rate the following technology features in terms of their importance related to your future research or business activities.
  15. What developments in the field of High-Content Imaging do you expect in the next five years?
  16. Are there any additional aspects or comments you would like to share regarding the future perspectives of High-Content Imaging?

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Future Prospects of High-Content Imaging